Earlier this month a dear dear friend of mine called. Without wasting time, Dipo started a passionate monologue on the prospects of a business idea that we once brainstormed about during our college years. Mind you, I haven’t met and heard from this guy for months and this is this is his idea of saying hello. Of course, as all his friends know, this big man was never the one for small talk.

I was in awe of him since the first I met him. This guy was a genius, but one of the most down to earth geniuses I’ve ever met. He was busy but always had time for his friends. He was an athlete with physical attributes I’ve always struggled to catch up with. He was a charmer, and successfully swept the most beautiful girl on campus off her feet (I have met people 3 years his junior, and countless seniors, who are still envious of him for this). From what I heard, he turned out to be one of the best fathers in the world.


The business idea we talked about was garbage (No seriously, the business idea was waste-management-related). He talked about how his current job at a multi-national oil company has brought him closer to the business idea we hatched a few years back and about a niche he thinks we could exploit. As always, when he talks, I listen and take notes. This time I took lots of notes.

I’m amazed at how he has kept the passion to pursue his dreams consistently high, although I could sense in his voice that he thinks he has delayed taking action for too long. Sometimes I’m convinced that the reason he procrastinates is to prove that he could finish any task, no matter how daunting, faster than us mere mortals. Although we have always been acute procrastinators, we were never the ones to let go of a precious idea. It’s a shame that he didn’t get to see this idea come to fruition.


Dipo, you have been a great friend, one of the best there ever was. I, no, WE will make sure your ideas and passion live beyond the regretful car crash that painfully took you away from us. Friends for life; be it this life or the one after.

In memory of Dipo Adriansyah, a dear friend.